Best Spots for Labour Day Eats in Calgary

Considering most people like to take advantage of a long weekend by taking Monday off, finding a delicious place to eat can at times pose a challenge…until now! Never fear, Notable’s here, and we’ve listed some of Calgary’s best spots that are guaranteed to be open this Labour Day. (Psst: you’re welcome.)

Blue Star Diner (call 403-261-9998 for info)
Dairy Lane
Diner Deluxe
Mission Diner (call 403.453.0330 for info)
Red’s Diner

All Day
Libertine (pictured above)
Lounge Burger
River Cafe
Una Pizza and Wine

Just Dinner
Brava Bistro
Living Room
Ox and Angela
Vin Room
Wine Bar

Craft Beer Market
District (evening only)
Local 510, 522, and 002
1410 World Bier Haus