Best Places to Go for Holiday Cocktails

Though we’re suckers for dry Vodka martinis, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t love a sweet drink here and there. But if we dare ordered one in public, we’re certain our colleagues and friends would never let us live it down. So when we caught a hold of these holiday-themed adult beverages on the menus of our favourite restaurants, we knew that our prayers were answered and we could pull off the sweet drink, all under the ‘holiday spirit’ cover.

Check out our picks for the top holiday cocktails in your city:


Smores Hot Chocolate: We used to smile at the idea of having a hot chocolate to warm us up on a cool, wintery day. So you can imagine the size of our smiles when we found that we can get that same sweet hit, with a side of some of the best liqueurs. A simple hot chocolate will never be the same again.
What is it
? Hot chocolate with Nevan (a vanilla liqueur made by Grand Marnier) and, Frangelico, topped off with marshmallows (made in house) and graham cracker crust. Available at Luma, $10.

Apple Cider Eggnog: In the summer there’s nothing we love better than sitting on the back patio at Sidecar, sipping a light, fresh cocktail. But now that they are featuring this spicy twist on the typical eggnog, we think it may become our new winter haven.
What is it
? 2 oz Apple Cider, 2 oz Bourbon, a whole egg, ¼ ounce of simple syrup, vigorously beat everything together shaken with ice, grate cinnamon over the top. Available at Sidecar, $12.

Vin Brule: Mald Wine is a traditional Christmas drink that has taken us through many a Christmas dinners. So we thought we’d take the typical route when we ordered it at Vertical. We thought wrong. This drink is made by Italian Chef Giacomo Pasquini who uses his grandmothers recipe. Need we say more?
What is it? Three kinds of wine, three kinds of apples with fresh orange, fresh lemon, cloves, cinnamon, nut meg and black pepper. Available at Vertical Restaurant, $10.

KLARA: Our server insisted we order this holiday cocktail, and though we are big on making our own decisions, we thought we’d try our luck. The ingredients in this cocktail hit tempted our pallet in a way we never thought possible.
What is it? House dark chocolate infused vodka, Chambord, Hibiscus Steeped Tea, A splash of citrus, shaken and served neat, garnished with white chocolate shavings. Available at Origin, $14.

Hikatteiru Champagne Cocktail: Drinking from flutes is something we do well, but this light beverage is more indulgent than the crystal it’s usually poured in.
What is it?
Veuve Champagne, Absolute vodka, Yuzu, and Strawberry Syrup. Available at AME, $12.


Sparkling Apple Mojito: A new take on the well-known Cuban classic, this holiday special is made with sparkling Domaine Pinnacle ice cider from Frelighsburgh.
What is it? In a sturdy 12-ounce Collins glass that can resist muddling and shaking, this recipe consists of white rum, lime juice, diced lims, simple syrup, fresh mint leaves, topped up with sparkling ice cider. Available at L’Assommoir.


House Made Eggnog: Eggnog is perfect drink to get periodically over the holiday season; it’s only available for a limited time, tasty, and soothing on a below zero winter day. Add some liquor and other tantalizing ingredients and you have a winner on your hands.
What is it? Eggnog, Spiced rum, cream, egg white, cinnamon and sugar. Available at Alloy, $10.

Frostbite Martini: If you’re not into the eggnog theme, why not spice it up a bit with a sweet, minty, and not-too-bold martini?
What is it?
Creme de menthe, cacao white, cream and a touch of Galliano. Also available at Alloy, $12.


The Pumpkin Smash: Just because halloween is over doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy the soothing texture and sweet aroma of a pumpkin-based drink. Picture pumpkin-pie in a glass. Now enjoy.
What is it?
Chai-infused sour mash whisky, smashed pumpkin puree, fresh pressed lemon, brown sugar, simple syrup, ¾ ounce pasteurized egg white. Available at Yew Restaurant + Bar at the Four Seasons.

Walnut Alexander: No dairy, 100% vegan, rich and nutty the Brandy Alexander is making a comeback.
What is it? Walnut bitters, white crème de cacao, Cointreau, Brandy, organic coconut cream. Available at The Refinery.