These Are the Best Last-Minute Gifts for Your Holiday Hosts

You probably already have most of your holiday shopping done for your closest friends, family and significant others.

Either that, or you have a pretty good idea as to what you’re going to get them.

But the host or hostess gift is something that tends to get overlooked in the holiday madness, as we find ourselves empty-handed at the eleventh hour before a holiday dinner.

Naturally, the mild panic ensues, as you make a stop at the liquor store en route to grab a bottle of wine. But that’s so typical.

Here are 12 other last-minute hostess gifts for those in a scramble.

holiday hosts

1. A Board Game or Puzzle
Board games and puzzles offer your hosts a quick way to entertain their friends and family this season – and perhaps you can even play them once the rum and eggnog starts flowing that evening.

2. Olive Oil or Maple Syrup
One can never have enough olive oil or maple syrup, especially if it’s unique, artisanal and gourmet. That’s why a shiny new bottle of the stuff will surely be a well-received gift for the foodie host on your party circuit.

holiday hosts

Image: Pinterest

3. Coffee Table Books
Coffee table books of all subjects and varieties are a staple in the living rooms of the city’s young professionals. After all, we all want to at least appear well-versed in everything from travel and architecture to art, right?

4. A Solid Plant
Instead of the typical poinsettia, give your hosts a gift of life that will live on long after the Christmas tree goes out the door with something like a succulent or rosemary tree. In the dark depths of January, we need all the life we can get.

holiday hosts

5. Mittens and Hats
It’s shaping up to be a really white and snowy (and pretty brutal) winter. When mitts, scarves, and hats will be a staple for the next four months, it’s always nice to have a healthy selection of winter gear to match all your moods and outfits.

6. Subscription Boxes
Whether your host or hostess is a fan of food or beauty products, a subscription box offers him or her something to look forward to each month, long after the holiday cheer has ended.

7. A Throw Blanket
A throw blanket – whether it dons the iconic Hudson Bay stripes or you splurge on Jonathan Adler’s signature bold prints – is a welcomed gift for the cozy couple that loves their nights in with Netflix and a fire.

holiday hosts

Jonathan Adler throws, available at Holt Renfrew.

8. Wine with Wine Products
Sure, wine is always well received – but also totally expected. Pair your bottle of wine with things like wine glasses, artisanal corks or chocolate-covered strawberries for an added touch for the wine-loving host.

9. A Mini Diffuser
If there’s ever a time when wellness is on your hosts’ mind, it’s now, with January (and its New Year’s resolutions) just a few feasts away. That’s why a mini diffuser makes a great gift for the wellness warrior (or wannabe) host on your list.

holiday hosts

Ultrasonic Diffusers from Saje Wellness

10. Luxe Tea Towels
Whether they’re just for show, or put to good use by the host or hostess who loves to cook, a kitchen can never house too many tea towels.

11. Scotch Rocks or Whiskey Cubes
If your hosts have more of a soft spot for scotch and whiskey than wine, scotch rocks and whiskey cubes make a solid option for the seasoned sippers.

holiday hosts

Whiskey Cubes from Williams Sonoma

12. Adult Onesies
If there’s one thing that screams comfort, holiday spirit and photo ops, it’s the gift of an adult onesie. Not only is there a certain novelty in wearing one (making for a nostalgic, unexpected surprise), it’s something your hosts likely won’t purchase themselves.

holiday hosts

The Drake General Store Mountie Onesie; Available in store or at Hudson’s Bay.

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