Beringer Brunch Knows How to Throw a Wild Day Party

Champagne bottles popped every minute.

Confetti fell from the ceiling.

Music blasted. 

Oh, and brunch was served. 

It was all part of the sold-out Beringer Brunch held last Saturday at Boehmer Restaurant (the event moves to different venues around the city each time it’s hosted). Basically, you missed the ultimate day-party if you weren’t there.

Inspired by New York City brunch parties, the festivities began with a massive family-style brunch (which proved completely necessary once the booze started to flow), which included fruit, granola, eggs, bacon, sausage, and salad.

For those who decided to forgo the brunch, doors opened at 2pm for the party.

And when we say party, that’s an understatement. By 3pm, it could only be described as a jam-packed, complete rager. As empty bottle after empty bottle of vodka was overturned, the crowd didn’t seem to mind that they were partying as hard as they would have in a club at midnight and totally blowing off their Saturday afternoon errands. 

Curious eyes looked in from the windows on Ossington to check out the action themselves, while a steady lineup outside its doors featured some of the city’s finest up-and-coming young professionals.

Aside from the food and the well-curated crowd, other party pleasers included a live musical performance and live art. 

Judging from the “well-hydrated” crowd when we rolled out of there around 5pm, we’re guessing that the next destination – after pizza or poutine – was bed or the couch instead of their usual Saturday night spot. 

So yeah, let’s just say that they don’t call it the “Wildest Brunch Party Ever” for no reason. 

For more information on the next event, click here


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