Bellwoods Brewery is Bringing You More Beer

Yes, you did read that correctly.

Your favourite Ossington brewer is getting a second location – with a lot more space.

With a tentative and hopeful 2015 summer opening in the works, Bellwoods 2.0 is taking over the space at 950 Dupont to put in place a production brewery and barrel room.

There will of course also be a similar tasting room/restaurant, but Bellwoods will have more craft beer in stock with the added space – a lot more. After fighting (and failing) all summer to keep up with heavy demand, Bellwoods is taking it to the next level.

Just read this quote from their blog post:

Roman Candle, Witchshark, Monogamy, Bounty Hunter, Hellwood and Wizard Wolf (and several more) will be brewed on the big system in larger quantities and Farmageddon, Grandma’s Boy, No Rest For The Wicked and other sour and/or barrel aged products will appear more regularly. This in turn will free up tank space at the brewpub, allowing us to do even more creative and unique bottle-conditioned releases.

Yes, it’s a year away, but you’re right to get excited now. After all, the best things in life are worth waiting for. 

And we’ll cheers to that any day. 


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