Bell Announces it is Giving Toronto the Fastest Internet in the World

Starting this summer, 50,000 Bell customers in Toronto will have access to the world’s fastest internet. By 2017, up to 1.1 million homes and businesses across the city will be surfing at unparalleled speed.

And we do mean unparalleled – customers will be able to download an HD movie in just seven seconds.

Today, Bell announced plans to begin the largest broadband fibre project in North America, which comes with a $1.4 billion price tag. No public funds are being committed.

“It will deliver the best possible online experience, something that quite frankly none of us could have imagined just a few years ago, twenty times faster than today’s marketplace,” said Bell Canada President and CEO George Cope in a news conference today, adding that it will be the largest and most ambitious infrastructure project in the company’s 135-year history.

Working closely with Toronto Hydro, it will create 2,400 direct jobs in Toronto and 8,000 related jobs.

Residents in the Harbourfront, Distillery District, Willowdale, and Regent Park – neighbourhoods with predominately new buildings – will have first access to the new service.

Your move, Google Fiber.