Behind the Scenes of Fresh Train Co.’s F/W 2012 2013 Shoot

Since featuring Toronto-based designer Guillaume Viau, who, along with his brother Alex, launched the versatile street-chic brand Fresh Train Co., we’ve been closely following the young company’s developments through social media and a few text conversations. 

Fresh Train Co. officially launched a small preview of what’s to come yesterday in a behind-the-scenes video of their F/W 2012-2013 collection, which was shot in a studio in downtown Toronto. It strategically draws attention to their uniquely designed snapback/strapback hats, a guaranteed must-have for its unique design, use of quality materials and any occasion appeal. We’ll stop there and let the video speak for itself: 

Fresh Train Co. // FW 2012-13 from Alex Viau on Vimeo.

We also sat down with Guillaume to talk everything from Fresh Train Co.’s planned US release to his biggest goal for the upcoming year. 

We have no doubt you’ll make it big. If you could choose one fashion week to debut at, where would it be and why?
Ah, let’s just say that my hope is to one day be at that point in my career. But for the purpose of this interview… Paris. Because it’s a city that never fails to inspire those who visit. 

Do you have a goal of featuring in Toronto’s bi-annual Fashion Week?
Eventually. I mean, as a young designer, it’s definitely a goal of mine. However, considering we’re still an extremely young brand, I’m in no rush to try and take that step just yet.

They say “it’s all in the details.” What are some of the little things that make Fresh Train Co. different? 
How you brand yourself is extremely important, especially within the fashion industry, and that is where “attention to detail” differentiates you from the others. The fact that we hand-sew individual wooden letters and stars on the face of either a 5 or 6-panel snapback hat speaks for itself.

What’s your must-have item from Fresh Train Co.’s F/W 2012-2013 collection? 
A piece that we haven’t dropped yet. But for those of you who are looking to be inspired by what has been visually released, I’d say the Leather Star Hat Edition I, as well as The Street-Chic Sweatpant. 

Black and white editing is kind of bold for a fashion showcase — why does it work for Fresh Train Co.?
It’s all about creating the cool and staying true to your brand. Everyone has always questioned us as to why we don’t have more colour in our collections, so I wanted to make a statement. Black is clean, bold and to the point. It doesn’t f-ck around. That being said, we’ll probably drop some colour when you least expect it.

You’ve done work with some recognizable names in the past. Is there something exclusive you can share with us that’s coming up?
Collaborations are always difficult to discuss as their not 100% until the final product is on the table, you know? However, we will have our first US release at the beginning of December in Miami. That’s if all goes as planned. 

What’s your biggest goal for 2013?
I’d like to have our hats featured in some music videos, magazines, etc. Other than that, learn as much as I possibly can and continue making cool shit.