Beer Finder Is Disrupting The Craft Brewery Industry, One IPA at a Time

Innovation truly comes from fulfilling a need that exists, which will ultimately make people’s lives easier.

That’s what makes Beer Finder – an online beer directory and delivery service catering to over 100 of Ontario’s breweries so clutch. Inspired by his own experience as an entrepreneur in search of the perfect Milkshake IPA, Beer Finder was created by Cam Sloan. I had the chance to chat with Cam about his journey as a beer enthusiast turned entrepreneur turned web developer.

For people who don’t understand, can you explain your job is, and what Beer Finder is all about?

I’m a freelance web developer so I make websites and web applications. I’m also the creator of Beer Finder, a searchable index of over 1,000 beers available for delivery from over 100 Ontario craft breweries.

How did you get into this career? You’re a developer, and I assume, a beer enthusiast? What made you want to become an entrepreneur?

I originally got into coding by looking up some videos on YouTube; it was very effective. People think you need to be a genius to be good at coding. All it takes is persistence and hard work and you will be able to get it. I think my entrepreneurial side came from being a musician. The feeling of getting people listening to your music and enjoying something you have made is amazing. It has translated directly into coding and business as well.

That makes a lot of sense! What differentiates you from apps like Boozer, Door Dash, or Mini Bar?

Unlike those platforms we don’t touch the delivery side of things. We just showcase all the craft breweries that are offering direct delivery

So you’re like an aggregator and online directory. How do you find the beers and breweries, or is it a working mutually-beneficial relationship?

We get all the beers from what is listed on the brewery website, but it is definitely a mutually-beneficial relationship. We find the brewerers and they find our website as well. 

How would a novice beer drinker learn more about what they might like on your site?

They’d be able to just head on over to the site and type in flavours that they like, ‘peach’, ‘mango’, ‘hoppy’, IPA, and go from there!

What is your mission in this endeavour?

It started off that my mission was to find a good milkshake IPA, but as this site seems to be taking hold in the beer industry, the mission is changing to help grow the craft beer industry’s online presence.

And you’re doing just that. What type of person would be suited for what you do and how can they be successful doing it?

You should be curious, enjoy your work, and work hard at it. It’s important that you define your own version of success and set goals that will help you reach that success. Start small, break the work into small tasks that all add up to reach those goals.

That’s great advice. Where can we find you on social? 

Go check out if you’re in Ontario and looking to try out a new craft beer. You can also find us on Twitter @sloancam / @beerfinderca, and on Instagram @beerfinderca.