Beds on Board is Essentially Airbnb for Boats

If you’ve got a nautical themed pashmina afghan but never had the right place to wear it, you may be in luck.

Beds on Board is offering people the chance to be the captain of their own ship, one night at a time.

Currently operating in three main areas – the United Kingdom, the Caribbean, and Europe – Beds on Board has sea-faring options for up to 10 guests, though prices clearly reflect where you want your vessel harboured and just how blinged out you want your boat to be.
Quiet Sailing on Patronice in Turkey’ for instance, will run you a cool £785 per night, while a chartered yacht in Mallorca will cost just less than £2000 per sleep.

Don’t worry though, there are much more reasonable options for those looking to call the sea their pillow, like this authentic 1950s converted wooden fishing boat in Norway for just £70 per night. Or this beautiful little sailing yacht that can accommodate eight on the Greek isle of Crete for just £180.

Just know when you’re signing up to sleep with the fishes, that’s all you’re doing. You won’t find any keys to the engine when you step aboard – due to licencing and liability issues, you aren’t able to actually set sail.

But having full run of your own ship, anchored or not, still sounds like it’s worth the price of admission.

After all, you’ll be on a boat like Leo, and if you on the shore then you sure not me-o…
Title photo credit: Sand People Communications


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