Because Breakfast Isn’t Just A Weekend Thing

Breakfast: the most important meal of the day, yet the most overlooked.

During the week, I long for the weekends when I can wake up at my leisure and enjoy my coffee and breakfast with friends. During the work-week, I can’t seem to make time for it. Last week, on a random Tuesday, my colleague (and buddy), Josh and I decided to do just that. We carved out an hour during our busy morning and decided to sit down for a proper breakfast while tuning out the stress around us.

breakfast-toronto-restaurant-businessThe destination was Leña Restaurante, a South American inspired restaurant tucked neatly into the street level corner of Saks Fifth Avenue at Yonge and Richmond. Led by Oliver & Bonacini Corporate Executive Chef Anthony Walsh and Executive Chef Julie Marteleira, Leña’s menu is driven by Argentinian cooking techniques, with some Spanish and Italian influences.

As we sipped our freshly squeezed green juices and nibbled on our croissants, we couldn’t help but notice the elegant, yet colourful decor. The elaborate bar was in the centre of the room, and framed the bottom of the grand staircase. We sat by the window in a turquoise velvet booth. As I looked out the windows I noticed an abundance of well-dressed Bay Street folks buzz by us on their phones. It was a gentle reminder to slow down and make time for these occasions every once in awhile.

food,drink,toronto,restaurant,breakfastFor starters, we ordered juice, coffee and house-made pastries. The lemon-custard donut was my favourite – flaky, light and rolled in sugar. It almost had a churro-like texture on the outside, which is my all-time favourite dessert. As for mains, I ordered the Avocado Toast topped with poached eggs. The hummus spread on the toast was a game changer for me; a fresh twist on classic favourite.

Josh chose the Sausage and Eggs, which came with a crispy onion flatbread triangle. We didn’t leave a bite behind, and though we had promised to sample each other’s dishes, they were both gone in no time. We left feeling full (but not too stuffed) and ready for the day ahead. I noticed my productivity following breakfast was high, and my general state was a lot more cheerful.  Sometimes all you need is a nice break from reality, and a good bite to get your day rolling!

Leña serves breakfast Monday through Friday from 7:30am-10:30am, with plenty of to-go options for those on the move. But, seriously, mix it up once in awhile and sit down, shut off, and enjoy!

All images courtesy of Cindy La.