Beauty Trend: Brows for Men and Women

One season they’re full and thick and the next they are bleached or plucked to extinction, but determining what shape truly suits our face often causes us to raise our brows. One thing we know is that eyebrows are one of the most important features to define your face. We asked Maria Cristina Bruno, co-owner of Toronto’s Ritual Spa & Salon, how to conquer the curve.

1. What would you say is the biggest trend in brows right now?
Really full brows are popular right now. Both highly defined, like Kim Kardashian, or more natural and unruly brows like Cara Delevingne are really hot and requested all the time.

2. What is the most flattering look for most women?
I think keeping the brows as full as possible, especially towards the ends, and not over-plucking is the most flattering look for women. Also choosing a shape that compliments your natural facial features is best. Keep in mind that filling in your brows can totally define and enhance them to give them that wow status.

3. How do you know what shape to go for?
Generally speaking, we follow what’s called the “golden ratio.” This ratio is where the brow should begin parallel to the outer corner of your nostril; the highest arch point should be at a 45-degree angle from your nostril, and the end point of the brow should be at a 90-degree angle from your nostril. You can make brows more or less dramatic by how much brow powder you choose to apply.

4. Any tips on growing out over-plucked brows?
The key is not to pluck! Sounds simple, but really just weathering the grow out phase until they have grown in is crucial. We recommend coming more frequently so we can guide the growth and help you along with brow rehab. Also, use a growth-enhancing serum like Eyeenvy, which we carry, to help stimulate growth. And finally, applying concealer over the regrowth areas can help minimize the appearance of hair.

5. Any tips for our Notable young professional men’s brows?
Boys, there is no excuse for unruly brows! We like a natural looking but neat and tidy brow on men. An overly groomed brow on a man is contrived and unattractive.

6. Tell us about your browWOW services.
Our browWOW service is bespoke tailoring for the brows, which means we customize your shape and colour of brows. We apply a custom-blended tint to enhance all the hair in your brows; we then thread, wax, and tweeze the brows to achieve the perfect shape. As an add on ($15), we perform a microcurrent lift, which uses a low-level electrical current to lift and tone the brow, and finally we use our signature ritual brow pallet to apply a brow powder and highlighter that really gives the brows the ultimate wow.

7. Any other tips or tricks you think we should know?
When using brow powder on your brows, always choose a shade lighter than your brows to achieve a more natural and less harsh look. Also, using our highlighter under the brow makes all the difference! 

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Cover photo from: MAC Spring 2013

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