Be the Golden Child This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has always been our favourite holiday. Aside from it being an extended break from work centred on culinary delight, we’ve really come to appreciate the occasion’s ability to draw family members together regardless of geographical barriers. If there’s one time (maybe two, including Christmas) to embark on a 30-hour trip around the world just to sit across the table from kinship you haven’t seen in a year, it’s Thanksgiving. One thing you definitely want to avoid is being the Kevin McCallister in the room. Here’s how to make a Golden Child impression if you only have one chance a year…

Bring something
There’s a ton of pressure on the host to provide a memorable feast for the whole family, and they’d surely appreciate any assistance along the way. Bring something of benefit to everyone (both a red and white wine instead of just one bottle; a unique side dish; a high-quality liquor as a digestif; a party game like Apples to Apples). This should go without saying: help with prep and clean-up.

Ask questions and listen
Just like you’ll be eager to share experiences of the past year, so will everyone else. It’s important to remember that, while you may be the star of your social circle, everyone holds equal weight when it comes to family. You’ll get your chance to speak – until then, show interest in everything from your younger cousin’s high school sports team to your great-grandparents’ history flashbacks.

Avoid any and all conflicts
Sure, your mother’s incessant life advice might get tiring, and your competitive siblings’ ‘me vs. you’ attitude would be best met with a few swift comebacks, but now’s not the time. Save any personal squabbles for when you’re able to address them directly without your entire extended family as an audience.

Arrange to meet up at other times of the year
Your family will be delighted about an invitation to spend time together beyond just the obligatory Thanksgiving weekend. Making plans to meet up in the new year – or for other special occasions (Christmas excluded, because that’s a given) – shows that you take pleasure in your family’s company. The key: don’t make false promises and be sincere about your intention.

Teach something
How many other young professionals are in your family circle? Probably not that many. Use your expertise navigating the fast-paced, urban young professional lifestyle to give your family members a glimpse into your routine, highlighting aspects that they could incorporate into their own daily activities. A few talking points? Technology, diet, active living, fashion, business etiquette, etc. There’s something about you every family member can take value from.



Cover Image From: Colorfulkeys