B.C. Finally Looks to Punish Drivers Who Drive Too Slow in the Left Lane

Reserving the left lane for faster vehicles to pass is symbolic of an educated, functioning society. 

And while Canada is exactly that, too often this quasi law of the road goes ignored. 

Left lane Sunday strolling is arguably the most road rage-inducing driver behaviour plaguing Canadian traffic, the words keep right except to pass just a distant echo of driver’s ed for most people behind the wheel. 

We’re ready to pound on our desks just thinking about it. 

Finally, someone of authority is going to do something about it. British Columbia Transportation Minister Todd Stone said “cracking down on ‘left lane hogs’ that drive below the speed limit and tie up traffic will be the focus of provincial legislative amendments” after the issue was identified as a key frustration for drivers in the province. The new legislation will give police more power to ticket those who don’t properly align themselves within the multi-lane hierarchy. 

A current poll by 24 Hrs Vancouver reveals 91 per cent of people feel drivers should be punished by driving too slow in the left lane, suggesting this is an unequivocally one-sided debate. 

We commend you, B.C., for restoring order on the streets. As for the rest of Canada, can we please follow suit ASAP?


Cover image from: depositphotos.com

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