BC Ferries Announces Winners of Naming Contest, Ignores Internet’s Hilarious Suggestions

BC Ferries wasted a great effort of collective internet creativity yesterday when it announced the winners of a recent contest that asked British Columbians to name a fleet of three new vessels.

Twitter users submitted some pretty amazing names after the contentious corporation requested the public’s input using the hashtag #NameAFerry. Some of of favourites included “Spirit of the Walletsucker,” “S.S. ShouldveBeenABridge,” and “Queen of No Other Choice.”

“The Christy Clark Ark” was also nice, a thoughtful nod to the B.C. Premier.

But, alas, no fun was to be had after all, as BC Ferries settled on three… more wholesome… titles for its new fleet: Salish Orca, Salish Eagle, and Salish Raven. The names represent the Salish sea in which the ferries will operate, as well as the Coast Salish people that call its shores home.

The winners will receive $500 for their victory, which, as one Twitter user duly noted, is almost enough to go somewhere on BC Ferries.

We guess BC Ferries CEO and president Mike Corrigan lied about the prerequisite to “think creatively.”