Bar Isabel Will Close at Midnight During the Week to Improve Employee Quality of Life

It’s no secret that working in the bar and restaurant scene can be a gruelling task. Especially at one of Toronto’s hottest late-night spots.

That’s why College Street’s beloved Bar Isabel will be closing at midnight from Sunday to Thursday starting after this weekend.

“It’s not because we’re not busy. It’s not financial,” says owner Grant van Gameren. “The only reason why we’re doing this is for the quality of life for the staff.”

Van Gameren announced the move in a video created together with his staff, who share tales of their late-night exploits – like cleaning deep friers and mopping – anywhere from 4am to 7:30am.

With the change, those times roll back to somewhere between 2am and 5:30am, which is moderately more aligned with van Gameren’s goal to see his employees “maybe enjoy life a little bit more, maybe get a little bit more rest.” The action was spurred by former member of Bar Isabel’s staff who quit as a result of fatigue.

Check it out: