Bar C Launches Creative New Concoctions

Bar C (340 – 17 Avenue SW) has just changed up their cocktail list and deserves applause for making some really creative concoctions. The Bar C staff is largely responsible for many of the new features on the list and they are working with some really interesting ingredients like Mulato Chile syrup, Fernet Branco and something made in-house called ‘Shrub Juice’. We can confidently say there is a little something on the list for everyone.

Anyone who loves bourbon will gravitate towards Andrea’s New Old-Fashioned, a smooth-sipping classic that had a love affair with a Manhattan and a Rob Roy. Amrut Sherry Cask Whiskey is the star ingredient of the New Old Fashioned, which is Indian single malt whiskey  first aged in an old bourbon cask before being transferred to sherry casks and then back to bourbon casks one last time. The New Old Fashioned, or the “Bearded Lady” as staff sometimes calls it, is brimming with all sorts of delicious flavours of burnt caramel and orange. What a hussy! 

Next up on the list is Mojitolatoialato-aia. If you can say that three times really fast, your first round is probably on the house. If you can’t pronounce Mojitolatoialato-aia then just call it the “Supercalifragilistic” and the staff will know what you’re talking about. While getting the name of this cocktail out may be a challenge, getting it down is quite easy. The best way to describe this fruity medley is to compare it to a strawberry Mojito that’s been sprinkled with black pepper. We recommend this one for the ladies with an edge. If your name is Raven and you like Tom Waits, this is your drink, girl!

And let’s not leave out the boys… or should we say men? There is one specific beverage on the menu that is intended for guys who are wholly comfortable with their masculinity. If you can order something called the “Sparkle Donkey” in a crowded restaurant, then congratulations; you’re a real man. Despite the name, there is nothing sparkly or remotely feminine about the Sparkle Donkey, which marries Cazadores Reposado Tequila, Campari, Mulato Chile Syrup and Mezcal into an intense medley of flavours. This one is two parts smoke and one part boozy fun. You can feel like you’re partying with Amy Winehouse. 

We can’t mention Bar C’s new cocktail list without bringing up the Dazzling Acrobatic Feat of Mr. S. T. Gumphsion, a name that could have been taken straight from a Wes Anderson flick. Mr. Gumphsion will make your taste buds sit up and take notice because there are so many things going on. It’s like sipping iced tea, taking your medicine, and sucking on rhubarb simultaneously. When else will you see Fernet blended with chamomile tea and Aperol?

If all of these drinks seem overwhelming, then stick with Kelly’s Hopflower Shrub made with small batch bourbon, Moscatel, meddled ginger and the in-house concoction known as ‘Shrub Juice’, which is made from hopflowers. This one is the crowd pleaser and one that your grandma would even enjoy after church.

Cover image by Bar C