With an undeniable passion for holistic nourishment of the skin and body, BALM SKIN CO. is leaning into nature and helping us find our true and authentic beauty from within. 

Created by hand in small batches, Founder and Formulator, Reena S. creates natural, luxury skincare that is fully vegan and gluten-free. Using naturally derived ingredients to nourish skin from the inside out, BALM SKIN CO. is here to bring us back to our roots, and show us why clean, green and sustainable is here to stay.

How did you come up with the concept for BALM SKIN CO.? 

BALM SKIN CO. is a luxury plant-based skincare line dedicated to helping people discover their natural beauty using clean beauty products formulated with high-quality ingredients found in nature. The word BALM universally means “healing” or “soothing” and that concept for me was such an important one. I knew I wanted to really incorporate that into the skincare experience. 

What made you want to jump into the beauty space? 

I’ve always been in the beauty space. Since I was a budding teen, I used to come up with my own concoctions for face, hair and body. I believed in “natural beauty” and always looked at how I could be beautiful in my natural state as much as possible. I became a certified makeup artist in 2018 because I enjoyed makeup it was fun (still is!) I also have a diploma in certified natural skincare and hair care products and am a certified MUA. 

What is your mission with BSC? 

Our mission is to help people realize their natural beauty nurtured from nature. It’s just that simple. 

What would you tell anyone looking to break into the beauty space?

Start with what you know, where you are but never stop learning.

Have you seen any shifts in your business due to the pandemic? 

To be honest, it didn’t really change things for us a whole lot. Since our launch, I have been in the beauty space via e-commerce, so that was helpful during this time. However, what it did make me realize is that you must be adaptable to change. 

Has there been anything that has surprised you during this time? 

It’s always a really wonderful feeling when people recommend or refer our products to their friends, family and even strangers! It makes me feel really good to know that we’re making so much of a difference that someone wants to share the good news. It’s a really special thing when people share their testimonials about how our products have helped their skin, or they found a favourite “holy grail” they’ll never give up. 

What have you learned about connecting with your community as you build your company? 

Being personable and connecting with my community is what I love to do. Celebrating their wins when they discover our products work for their skin. Helping people see that beauty is beyond skin deep and real beauty is always within – we just help them show it off. 

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned about yourself since the launch of your brand? 

It’s awesome when things are going well, and it can be really sucky when they’re not. I learned how resilient I am. I never thought I was very creative. Running this business alone made me tap into my creativity and really discover a whole new aspect of who I am. That’s been a huge gift. 

What is the best business advice you’ve ever received? 

Be valuable. Nothing is permanent. Everything is always changing.

Can you share with us how you see BSC growing and your vision for the brand? 

As an emerging luxury skincare line, we want our brand to be a household name. When people think of clean Beauty or natural skincare products, they think of BALM SKIN CO. We want to become a global brand that people feel confident in.

Please share with us any upcoming promotions our readers can take advantage of? 

On Boxing Day people can save 30% off all products!

To learn more about BALM SKIN CO., visit their website, Instagram or Facebook page.