Backstreet Boys and ‘NSync Will Star in a Zombie Movie From the Team Behind ‘Sharknado’

We would have called this a horror before we even knew the genre.

Members of the Backstreet Boys (Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, and A.J. McLean) and ‘NSync (Joey Fatone) will be starring in a zombie Western futuristic horror produced by the team who created the amusing nonsense that was ‘Sharknado’.

Justin Timberlake, to his credit, has enjoyed a post-90s career that allows him the freedom to decline something like this.

Tentatively titled Dead 7, we’re already curious which other three washed-up former teen idols could be sacrificed in the film.

It really is an all-around horror. Horror in the sense that the world’s two biggest boy bands will be on screen together two decades past their prime; horror in that Nick Carter will take part in writing the film, and horribly sad that AJ is “super, super proud of him”; and a horror that this news led us to find out Sharknado 3 premieres tonight, which we’ll obviously watch.

New Kids on the Block’s Jordan Knight is reportedly also pondering a role in the film for some reason.

“We’ve never done anything together collectively,” says ‘NSync’s Joey Fatone Backstreet/’NSync collaboration. “People always think [we’re] some sort of rivals. But it’s so funny, there’s never been animosity or anything like that. Now we’re setting the record straight by doing a film together.”

We’re so relieved.