Back to the Future: This New Mac Desktop Design is Amazing

Sometimes things come full circle.
Sometimes the past is the future.

We know – deep.

Only in this case, it’s actually not deep at all, it’s flat.

CURVED/labs has come out with a new take on an old classic – the original 31-year-old Apple desktop computer, ‘Lisa’.

Using the same components that make up the current 11-inch Macbook Air, this 11.6-inch touchscreen gives you the option of controlling the computer with a mouse and keyboard or going right at the glass with your fingertips.

Oh, and that floppy disk drive? Don’t let it fool you – it’s actually a “slot for SD cards, the FaceTime camera, speakers, and a microphone.”

These people are clever.

Throw in 128GB of built in storage, your choice of 4GB or 8GB of memory, and the latest i7 chip from Intel, and there’s nothing this design leaves out.  

It also has a built-in battery so hipsters everywhere can easily take it to their favourite coffee shop to ‘work’.

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