Axe and Hatchet: Your New Favourite Men’s Hairdresser

Gentleman, this one’s for you.

If you’ve ever wanted a barbershop feel with a salon result, we found it.

Axe and Hatchet (101 Yorkville Ave.) is the perfect combination of premium service and laid-back approach. Forget its Yorkville address; the atmosphere here is sports talk mixed with single malt.


You want a Glenlivet with your hair cut? You can have it.
Prefer cognac? The Hennessy is all yours. 

Run by former Toni & Guy standout Dante Perrone, Axe and Hatchet yields high-end results without subjecting its customers to the ‘too-cool’ routine often performed by some salons in the city.

As Perrone admits, one of the things he’s always hated about getting his haircut was going to a place that made him feel like he “wasn’t cool enough.”

As if tattoos or hipster cred had anything to do with cutting hair in the first place…

To say Perrone and his team of stylists are friendly would be an understatement – they’re downright engaging from the moment you walk in the room. And since they’re funny and easy-going, you won’t mind listening to their stories or even telling a few of your own.

Like we said, this is a barbershop above all else. You’re supposed to want to hang out, get comfortable, and unwind.

But don’t worry, for you business men out there who see time as money, you can still get in and out and be looking good in less time than a decent lunch break.

And for anyone who’s halfway through their Movember growing period, you should know that Axe and Hatchet is currently offering a straight-shave special that sees more than 90% of the cost of each shave being donated straight to Movember charities.    


So whether you need a clean up now or a full take down at the end of the month, this is the place to get it done. Your face won’t have felt this fresh since you were 14.  

With a vibe we’ve spent years looking for, we know where our next haircut’s going to be.

And now you do too. 


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