Check Out This Awesome Mini Furniture for Your Cats

Calling at cat ladies: you can now spoil your beloved four-legged friends with the finest in feline furniture.

Okawa Kagu, a craft collective based in Okawa City in Fukuoka prefecture, Japan, has released a range of super-chic soft spots scaled down to cat size. The collection includes a bed and a sofa as part of a campaign called “craftsman MADE.”

There’s a pretty cool backstory here, too. The campaign was apparently intended to revive a once-thiving craft industry in the region that is still home to 150 furniture-manufacturing factories. It’s a recipe for success, really: cats on the internet + local artisans = economic revival.

The pine wood sofa was designed and produced by Hiromatsu Furniture, while Tateno Mokuzai is the mastermind behind the dark wood cat bed.

Cursory research informs us that international shipping is not available for the products, so you’ll have to book a trip directly to the manufacturer to secure that Christmas gift every cat will be talking about this holiday season.