A&W Adds Beyond Meat’s ‘Bleeding’ Plant-Based Burgers to Menu

The world’s population is expected to near 10 billion people by 2050, which, combined with the current rate at which human beings consume meat, means we’re barrelling towards an alarming degree of unsustainable living.

On a lighter, related note, A&W restaurants is now serving Beyond Meat’s highly hyped ‘bleeding’ plant-based burgers at its more than 900 locations from coast to coast.

The reception so far has been encouraging.

Beyond Meat is the Los Angeles-based company and namesake of a “the world’s first plant-based burger that looks, cooks, and tastes like a fresh beef burger.” It even has the financial backing of Leonardo DiCaprio and Bill Gates.

More importantly, however, the company has created a meat alternative that’s been well received by even the most hardcore carnivores. And most importantly, it is being picked up by brands big enough to spur a meat-free revolution (A&W is Beyond Meat’s largest restaurant partner).

So, what makes Beyond Meat so special? Definitely the product’s likeness to real meat. The burgers use beets to mimic beef’s red colouring, and derive their juiciness and chew from a combination of coconut oil and potato starch. Other ingredients in A&W’s Beyond Meat offering include yellow peas, pomegranates, mung beans, rice, potatoes, and apples.

Vegans, beware, however: A&W says its Beyond Meat Burger patties are cooked on the same grill as beef, bacon, and eggs and may come into contact with these ingredients.