Avoid these things if you want to travel well this year

As it does every year, Airbnb is starting to compile travel trends.

Trends mean followers, which essentially mean people, which most travellers probably want less of on their holiday. Which makes Airbnb’s travel trends a perfect forecast of what to avoid in 2020.

Unless, of course, you truly enjoy doing what everyone else is. In that case, treat this as the essential travel guide it’s intended to be.

Here’s what’s hot for the year ahead:

Experiences > Things

2020 is all about like, living. According to an Airbnb survey, 57% of respondents prefer to spend their money on experiences over things.

The Great Outdoors

Travellers are getting in touch with their wild side. Adventure travel, including hiking, trekking, and checking out Nepal, is a big trend. Hotels are passé, as are traditional walls. Moving forward, people want to stay on campsites and in igloos.

Discovering Oneself

I know, right? “Not doing anything,” “personal wellness,” “disconnecting from technology,” and “spiritual or religious trips” are all en vogue right now.

Time Travel

Despite the previous trend, people aren’t so keen to be in the present after all. Exploring history and culture is a priority for about a third of travellers, which is probably why Machu Pichu is getting its own airport.

Long Weekend Trips

Gone are two-week all-inclusive trips. Probably because no one actually has or takes vacation. Rather, travellers are booking long weekend getaways and bringing the road trip back.

Conscious Eating

Food is a big part of travel. And it turns out people want to eat like they want to vacation: sustainably. According to Airbnb, “experiences offering vegan options up 579% and those offering vegetarian options up 570% in supply in 2019 compared to 2018.” More than a third of travellers say experiencing new food is the most important part of a trip.

Now get out there and see the world.