Au Pied De Cochon

The Food Network’s Wild Chef, Martin Picard, knows his pig. Known for his, go figure, wild and rustic cooking, Martin Picard has created a dining experience in Au Pied De Cochon unlike any other in the city of Montreal. This loud, bustling venue serves up dishes so distinctively notable that even the most daring young professional foodie will be blown away. We must warn you though, be prepared to try things you’ve never dreamed of trying before. The Bison tongue with tarragon will excite your own, and the Duck in a Can melts in your mouth…and it’s exactly what you think it is.

Au Pied De Cochon has earned a number of awards for its adventurous menu since opening in November of 2001. Picard’s commitment to bringing the wilder side of Quebecois cuisine into the limelight can be noted in the restaurant’s signature dish the Fois Gras Poutine: that’s poutine topped with a specially fattened goose liver folks, how wonderfully Canadian. This Montreal hotspot is actually the largest importer of foie gras in the world, bringing in over 70 kg a week, which makes sense given that the menu makes heavy use of it.

Picard’s restaurant, which serves up inspired dishes of the carnivorous persuasion, isn’t a place you would typically expect to find a Vegetarian. Despite this, the Wild Chef claims to get plenty of them and that Au Pied De Cochon brings in $8,000 worth of veggies a week. The overall menu offers mainly an array of game meats and pork with interesting new twists and constantly changing specials. You’re looking at an average meal costing between $25-30 here. Feel good about the fact that Picard only uses meat from local Quebec farmers, a nice example of patriotic professionalism. Spare no part of your dining experience and take a trip the wild side of Montreal that spares no part of the animal. Au Pied De Cochon, 536 Duluth Avenue East, Montreal, 514-281-1114.

Image by Antoinette Bruno (April 2009), courtesy