Artist Profile: Carlito Dalceggio

Montréal has never quite shied away from artistic recognition; our burgeoning art scene has housed a number of exhibits, showcasing works from skilled artists from all over the globe. Most recently, the SAS Gallery welcomed creations from one of the most talented artists of our times. Carlito Dalceggio has curated a unique exhibit showcasing a collection of artworks in his signature raw styling, complementing the visceral energy of his art. The artist has brought together works from various talented creators, forming a common aesthetic that draws from nomadic pasts and tribal understandings – drenched in consumer culture.

As a visionary, Dalceggio’s passion has always stemmed from a desire to create a new language through which he could express an alternate reality. Heavily influenced by the Avant-garde and Cobra movements – focusing on the boundless essence of art – his works aim to capture purity by depicting dreams and surreal realities prior to the contamination of modern life. His works are amalgamations of tribal art, street art, and guerilla art with the indispensable dash of propaganda. As a patent outlet of his vision, the gallery welcomed visitors into the dream-like reality of Dalceggio’s distinct vision. His works focused in on the resonance of certain tribal cultures, deconstructing old world perceptions through an abrupt manifestation of consumerism. 

Upon entering the gallery, a mélange of mysticism and exploration will render one spellbound to Dalceggio’s inevitably encapsulating energy. The showcased works will introduce the viewer to a way of life foreign to modern occidental societies. A visual account of his exotic experiences emanate from the selected pieces, embarking the viewer on a journey into the fabric of his reveries. 

The must-see works will be displayed until January 19th, 2012. For more information, click here.

Photo: David Carlo