The Sounds of the Notable Awards: DJ Sanga Genesis

He is best known for getting the crowd moving, and later this month he is taking the stage at the 7th Annual Notable Awards. Sanga Genesis is a DJ, remixer and resident pizza connoisseur. Sanga has performed all over the world, but he still prefers performing on his home turf in Toronto.

Notable Life: What was your life like before becoming a DJ?

Sanga Genesis: Interesting to say the least. In a nutshell, break-dancing led me to DJing while I was working on an Industrial Design Degree at OCADU. I never really planned on making DJing a significant part of my career path. I had my own business, a streetwear brand for about 7 years, worked in advertising and marketing. Now I primarily DJ and keep myself busy with other passions or business projects. Life pushed me to the path of music.

NL: How long have you been a DJ?

SG: I got into it about 15 years ago.. the last 5 years have been the most serious and focused.

NL: Do you have a “go to” track?

SG: I can’t say that there is one particular “go to” track. Part of this skill set is knowing your audience and knowing what those “go to’s” are. Many DJs out there stick to TOP 40 and don’t really take chances at making a unique impact or experience for the audience. Club A sounds like Club B and so on. If you know your audience you can build that connection with them and they will follow you along on the journey you take them on as well. But, you have to make that connection with them first.

NL: What do you believe is the key to a successful track?

SG: I don’t know if there is any one particular key. Music is so subjective. Sometimes all the right ingredients come into play, sometimes the lyrics really resonate with right now. For me, it’s gotta have the bounce… make you go “oooh” in that first bit of hearing; you just know.

NL: Besides the gear and the troubleshooting, what is something that a DJ should never forget to bring to an event?

SG: Themselves. Who they are and having fun doing it. We are in an age where you can have complete transparency with your audience. The connection is not just through the event but through social media etc. Just do you and be authentic. Whether it’s at an event or outside of an event as an artist you are always on. Also, don’t forget your laptop/ music.

NL: You’ve been playing killer tracks and beats all across the GTA. What area of The 6 would you say are the best to perform in?

SG: Toronto is a beautiful diverse space. We are very fortunate that within our metropolis we have so many options of music styles, communities and movements. It’s amazing. I really love the fact that I can play a variety of different types of parties, and go to a variety of parties all in one city. Having been able to tour and travel around the world to DJ from what I’ve seen, we really have something special in Toronto. I hope it continues to thrive in its diversity.

NL: What’s the wildest event you have ever performed at?

SG: I have to say so far my last tour in Malaysia in 2016 – Asia has some amazing venues and vibrant nightlife scenes. They really know how to party with socializing and being out vital to their culture. I had an unbelievable time. As I write this, I am preparing to head back there to play Halloween weekend across 3 venues. I’m hoping to top my last experience.

NL: Why are you excited to perform at the Notable Awards?

SG: Who wouldn’t be excited to be performing for the most driven and ambitious Go Getters that Toronto has to offer. I look forward to meeting old and new friends and having a great time celebrating.


You can see Sanga perform at the Notable awards with other amazing talents including DJ LO, Sage Harris and the St. Royals on November 22nd at this years Notable Awards!