Artist Creates Wonderful “The Good News Project”

Watching the news lately is enough to make you want to cocoon yourself into your bed and never leave.

If it’s not bad news, it’s terrible news.

That’s why South African artist Jaco Haasbroek has started The Good News Project. And he’s sharing just that: good news, one witty poster at a time.


Photo: Jaco Haasbroek



Photo: Jaco Haasbroek




Photo: Jaco Haasbroek




Photo: Jaco Haasbroek




Photo: Jaco Haasbroek




Photo: Jaco Haasbroek

The project – appropriately named “The Good News” – was inspired when Haasbroek was driving home and noticed a poster for a lost dog featuring the word “Stolen.”

“It’s quite sad when someone loses a pet,” Haasbroek told Mashable. “The idea popped into my head that by simply adding ‘Our Hearts’ at the bottom of the poster, it would completely change its meaning and turn into something positive.”

He now prints his fictional, optimistic headlines and tacks them to poles, then posts them to the company’s Instagram page.

With everything that’s happening in the world, you may want to make a point of checking it out.