Artful Exchange: Montreal/Brooklyn

As North America’s epicenters of contemporary art and culture, both Brooklyn and Montreal have respectably garnered a reputation as thriving communities for artists. These creative capitals have burgeoning art scenes, fostering a creative movement spearheaded by the truly talented. These vibrant artistic milieus undeniably share a multitude of cultural similarities, most notably their supreme inclination towards boundary-busting art. One of the latest cultural endeavours has been the flawless amalgamation of both aforementioned artistic hubs. A new contemporary initiative has organized a cultural exchange between both cities, coupling artists from Montreal with fellow Brooklynites. 

With an initiative to develop dialogue between two of the leading contemporary art scenes in the world today, Montreal/Brooklyn explores the aesthetic parallels and distinctions between both cities. This unique partnership marks the first artistic collaboration of its kind in over a decade. It is the culmination of three years of rigorous planning between Montreal’s artist-run Clarke Centre and Brooklyn’s Parker Box Gallery. The project brings together a sample of work from 40 talented artists in a cross exhibition that involves 16 galleries. The exhibit is definitely at extremes to stagnant, it is a whirlwind of unique works that tamper with the notion of predictability. Art lovers and inquisitors alike will get a dose of some of the most unique works from two of North America’s most vibrant contemporary scenes. This two-way encounter will eventually move its way to Brooklyn in January 2013 for Brooklyn/Montreal.

For more information about the Montreal/Brooklyn exhibits, including the artists and galleries involved, as well as a schedule of public outings in November, click here.

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