Art Redefined: First Edition of MTL ZOO

From rather dicey beginnings, lowbrow art has been a movement deeply rooted in various underground subcultures, ascertaining its locus as an unrestrained artistic endeavour. Comparably, street art also exudes a subversive essence driven by the distinctively unapologetic temperaments of its creator. Both of these movements, as well as related genres, have never been fully integrated within the “recognized” fine art arena. Nevertheless, their influential presence within the art scene has helped shape a new identity, paving the way for an inventive generation of artists constructing a legacy of their own.

Although many of these urban artists would cringe at the very idea of showcasing their works within a formalized space, some of Montreal’s best talents, however, have utilized their distinct skills, combining their works as a beguiling exchange between diverse genres. The vernissage for the very first edition of MTL ZOO took place last week at Galerie Agora. An eclectic plethora of works was strategically displayed, complimenting the various styles with a subtle sense of calamity. From illustrations, installations and paintings, up-and-coming artists shared the stage, combining their aesthetic backgrounds. Most notably, the evening highlighted street art from FONKi, graffiti by Legal & Jake, 3D installations by Garbage Beauty and photography by Jonah M. Over 20 Montreal artists participated in this unique celebration of art and fusion. As their initiative, MTL ZOO truly focused on bringing some of the best-underexposed artists in the forefront of the scene. The exhibition certainly captures flux, while defying current realms of imagination. 

Showcasing a mix of inspirational possibilities, MTL ZOO welcomes you into their enclave of artful madness, underlined by boundless aesthetic possibility. The exhibit will run until November 1st, 2012. For future events, make sure to follow them here.

MTL ZOO Teaser (vc) from MTL ZOO on Vimeo.