Arrive in Style with UBER

If you think that taxis are your only option for getting around in the city, you are obviously unfamiliar with UBER. Ignorance is not bliss, allow us to enlighten you… 

What is UBER?
UBER is the more efficient, more elegant way to get around in the city; it’s the modern taxi. It’s an app and text-based service with better vehicles and an efficient and tactful payment method. Those are the key components of UBER, but that only scratches the surface of the benefits you would reap from opening an account. 

Technologically Advanced
UBER does everything you wish ordinary taxis would, starting with better utilization of modern technology. UBER is completely app and text-based. When you want to schedule a ride, you can either use the UBER app (available on iPhone and Android devices) to locate yourself on the provided map, or you can text your current address to UBR-CAB (827-222). After sending your request, UBER will immediately send you a text informing you of your estimated wait time. When your driver does arrive, you will again be notified by text. 

Personalized Ride
Apart from knowing that you will be picked up in a sleek new vehicle, UBER grants you the customer control you deserve for a paid service by allowing you to choose your vehicle. Options differ by city (and country), but the two standard options for UBER are the classic black sedan or the black SUV (seats 6). The black sedan is the default car for pick-ups and the cheapest fare overall.

Fair Fares
Rather than calculate your fare solely by travel time, UBER has a more methodical option to offer. The base rate for both the sedan and the SUV is $8, but depending on speed, time and distance, your rate is personalized to your trip. It works like this: if you are traveling over 18 mph, you are charged a distance fee (because at that speed, you are covering more ground, faster). If you are traveling under 18mph, and therefore not traveling very far, you are charged a time-based fee. As per the UBER website, the average fare in the city of Toronto for the sedan car is between $16-30, and the average fee for the SUV is between $30-43. Sounds fair to us, and in the interest of total disclosure when it comes to costs, check the UBER website for sample fares for common destinations around the city. UBER has nothing to hide.

Hop in Hop Out
Arguably the most practical feature UBER offers is automatic payment, including tip. UBER has heard our prayers and answered them. No more desperate searching for your credit card, no more anxiety over proper tip etiquette. In the initial two-minute sign up section when first logging on to UBER online (or via app), along with your name and password, you are asked for your credit card information. It should take you roughly 30 seconds to enter in the requisite numbers; when you are finished, the experience will mark your first and last monetary interactions with UBER. All fares are automatically charged to your credit card with a fair tip included in the price. After those 30 seconds, you are set to ride all over town without ever pulling out your wallet.

Now that you can’t say you’ve never heard of UBER, ditch the cab and call a private driver. UBER cars are the notable, 21st century way to travel don’t be caught pulling up in anything else (unless, of course, you’re behind the wheel).