Armani Code Ultimate: The Ultimate Seducer

What makes someone attractive goes well beyond their physical appearance. One must provide memorable experiences that inspire lasting impressions and leave the beholder wanting more – recollections that replay in your mind in the hours and days that follow, that leave you wondering how and when your paths will cross next. There is very much an art of seduction, and it is important to work with what you have in attracting potential lovers and life mates alike. Imagine the possibilities if you put as much strategy and focus into the ultimate act of seduction as you do your career. Lethal. It’s a lifestyle our friends at Armani Fragrances have perfected, as we shed some insight on how to use class, elegance and the unexpected as secrets of seduction.


“The difference between style and fashion is quality.”
– Giorgio Armani

Class is sexy and is reflective of a certain demeanour, style and code of conduct that effortlessly attracts others, revealing a sense of stability in multiple aspects of your life. It reflects sophistication, requiring conscious attention to detail while coming across as effortless effortless.  As a general rule, class means subtle rather than abrasive. Think a revealing glance to a stranger in a dark, swanky lounge after midnight vs. an immature and overused pick-up line or aggressive interruption of conversation at a bar. Or, if you will, Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Sexy, Love vs. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson in Wedding Crashers. When it comes to your evening wardrobe, class requires leaving a little to the imagination; after all, we young professionals (YPs) crave that sense of discovery in everything from art to new restaurants and potential love interests…it’s sexier that way. Finally, class is reflected by manners and basic social graces. Class means composure. It means refined. It means holding the door for her. Most importantly, it involves having firm grasps on your surroundings and your company.


“Elegance is not about being noticed, but about being remembered.”
– Giorgio Armani

Elegance goes beyond the expected and is exceptional, mysterious and classically sexy. One must keep in mind, however, that the best type of elegance can be subtle and understated, not glaringly obvious and over-the-top. How is elegance used as a tool for seduction? Think images like a man in a perfectly tailored, crisp suit, who picks his love interest up behind the wheel of a sleek, clean and sexy (yet not obnoxious) car vs. the dude in the Hawaiian shirt who makes you travel to his neighbourhood watering hole across town. Elegance is aesthetic; it visually pleases. But it also appeals to every sense. As much as the effort of pairing your socks with your tie and pocket square will catch the eye, it’s equally important to match your look with the perfect fragrance. There’s a reason Acqua di Gio has come to define a generation of gentlemen: it leaves a lasting impression. Consider Armani Code Ultimate the touch of elegance for this generation of young, professional men, something as much a staple of your everyday as a clean shave. Remember, though: if you look elegant and smell elegant, you must act the part, too, or all mystery and intrigue about you will fade away with the evening. Gentlemen, it never hurts to have a mentor. Channeling the appeal of Paul Newman or Colin Firth will never go out of style.

Expecting the Unexpected

“I like juxtaposing the expected with the unexpected.”
– Giorgio Armani

Being genuine, humble and honest are virtues that are forever a la mode. It’s imperative to focus on what makes you unique and adding that element to your game, whether it be a particular aspect of your personality or an interest that sets you apart. Anyone can spot a guy obtrusively forcing his repertoire on others; the trick is to play to your strengths while avoiding the Keys to the VIP-style checklist of how to seduce on a first impression. Think of it like pulling a rabbit out of a hat every time you say “Hello, nice to meet you.” You can offer to buy a drink, a ride home and a five-star condo like everyone else at the lounge, or you can have her wake up the next morning having experienced non-replicable conversation, intellect and charm. It goes without saying: choose option number two.

In general, the term seduction does not have to conjure images of the typical, somewhat raunchy Hollywood depiction. It can indeed be mysteriously subtle, refined and an extension of your overall classy, elegant and mysterious self. Armani is synonymous with seduction; let the brand be your connection to elegance, class and the unexpected in everything from your sartorial side to the manner in which you conduct yourself.