Armani Code Ultimate: The Ultimate Night Out

There’s something special about a night out. It is a time of indulgence, a loosening of inhibitions, and at its core, has a distinct style. Style goes beyond fashion and is reflected in every element of the way you conduct yourself and how you curate your evening from the bathrobe to the ride home. We chatted with the pros at Armani on the elements of an overall ultimate style for a night on the town.  

Look the Part
There is a distinct difference between fashion, labels and style. For our young professional (YPs) readers, the desired look should be understated but elegant and always memorable. As Giorgio Armani once said: “elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered.” This doesn’t mean drowning yourself in bold designer logos-these scream insecurity. In general, it means balance in an outfit- bold with subtle, designer and brand new with vintage, business with cocktail and risky with safe. If you’re unsure about your outfit, take a picture of yourself. A picture can be more telling than a mirror. If you think an element of your ensemble is distracting or looks a little off, it probably is.


It’s All in the Details
Take your time to get ready for an evening on the town so that you can make sure you have covered all of your bases with your wardrobe and accessory selection. Details matter. This includes everything from clean, polished shoes to attention to accessories and hairstyles. One trick to stay unforgettable is a signature scent. Our friends at Armani tell us that the sense most associated with memory is the sense of smell. Pairing a good first impression with your signature scent will ensure a rush of positive emotions every time the aroma is unleashed. Our notable suggestion? Armani Code Ultimate, a new fragrance rich with addictive amber and masculine wood accords.

Arrive in Style
Don’t ruin the evening before it officially begins with frustrating transportation issues. If the night out happens to be a special occasion, there is nothing wrong with celebrating with a driver and limousine service- reward yourself. A happy medium between a cab and a limo? We’re fans of Uber – the town car cab alternative that has become a quick weekend staple among Toronto and Vancouver young professionals. If you are opting to limit the cocktail and wine intake and are driving, a sometimes-needed evening splurge is valet service. Valet service is an increasingly attractive option once things like Canadian winters, mile-high heels, shiny loafers, packed city lots and tired legs from a day full of skiing are taken into account.


Do Wine Right
A good bottle of wine completes a meal and inspires conversation with your dinner guests. Especially when out on a first date, you need to look like you know what you’re doing. After all, you do know. Once the waiter presents the wine, check out the label to confirm that it was in fact the wine you had ordered. Once the bottle is open, check out the cork to ensure it isn’t mushy or moldy and is dry on one side and wine-stained on the other. Sample the wine gently, then sniff it for unpleasant hints of vinegar, sulfur or other signs it has gone bad. Corked wines are often easy to detect and smell and taste like moldy, wet or rotten cardboard or newspaper. If the wine is unacceptable, by all means send it back. A sub-standard bottle of wine will ruin your meal and probably set the tone for the remainder of the evening. 


Don’t Kill the Vibe
Saturday evenings, and evenings out in general, inspire a certain change in our mentality, a shift in our brain where we can turn off work and enjoy the setting, culinary offerings, drinks and our company. It is an evening where potential for romance and passion run high. In general, evenings out should be times to celebrate, reconnect, and in some cases, disconnect. Bring your A-Game and don’t kill the vibe; create it.

In general, take advantage of those evenings where the city is your playground. Be daring with everything from menu options to later locking eyes with a sexy stranger. Keep an open, undistracted mind and remember that the way that you enter and work a room is just as important as what you’re wearing. Ultimate style is within us all. We all have an opportunity to show off our style every day of our lives, so find it, embrace, and share it with other young professionals.

For more about Armani’s new fragrance Code Ultimate, click here.