Arem Brings Culinary Experience That Goes Beyond the Boundaries of Space and Time

Everything great is born out of passion, and Arem (1619 Rue William), Griffintown’s new resto on the block, defines precisely that. Arem’s origins stem from faraway lands, from the cradle of mixed emotions and forbidden feelings; a love for tastes, scents and textures allocated within a mysterious place reminiscent of an exotic lounge from abroad.

The uniqueness of Arem is no surprise after you meet the owner, Reza, who was born in Marand, Iran and moved to Turkey after completing his first degree in interior design in Dubai. It was in Istanbul that Reza found and rediscovered himself after falling in love with the Ottoman culture and cuisine.

The joyful travels he made, the experiences, and the education he gained just added on to his dream of becoming a chef and moving to Montreal to accomplish his dream.

The cuisine at Arem focuses on the innovative and luxury food, design and culture of Ottoman heritage, which brings a new type of experience that relates to the traditional flavours with contemporary technics. When we sampled the food here, we did a tasting that is available to anyone stopping in, featuring a game, fish, seafood, poultry, lamb or vegetable. Dessert and Turkish coffee will conclude the meal. We won’t talk about specific dishes because the menu changes every week and needs to truly be experienced in person to discover the Ottoman luxury. We suggest making a stop here ASAP to explore the flavours and aromas presented, which, by the way, are a total work of food art.

Arem has gone as far as to import all their kitchen staff, dining room and even washrooms from Turkey. Some pieces are from Ottoman palaces, some from Turkish artisans, and some are designed by Reza himself… talk about total authenticity.

If you want to learn more about this colourful cuisine, Arem will be offering classes and workshops starting in April to help awaken the spice in your kitchen.

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