Aqua, S Club, Prozzak, and Vengaboys Are Coming to Toronto This Summer

Charge your flip phones and existential dread, don your butterfly clips and frosted tips.

The most insane and uncalled for 90s party maybe ever is coming to Toronto this summer. If you’ve been wondering what the likes of Aqua, S Club, Prozzak, Vengaboys, and Right Said Fred have been up to, the answer will present itself in the form of a concert at Interchange Park in Vaughan this summer. Fun fact: Prozzak is Canadian. Another fun fact: S Club, who you’ll remember as S Club 7, will appear as S Club 3 as four of the original members now exist in current times.

Marketed as “90’s Nostaglia: Wayback Dance Party,” the event promises to usher you several decades into the past for a day of music you probably have on CDs in a box somewhere at your parents’ place.

To make sure the vibe is just right, the promoters have booked Rick Campanelli of MuchMusic fame to … do something. We’ll see. Also on the bill is DJ & MC Tony Monaco, who you’ll remember from Z103 while you were still in Kappa gear.

As if all this wasn’t enough to stimulate your nostalgia, the event will also feature a Moe’s Tavern, retro candy store, Mario Kart racing, and a 90s video dance party (just like in high school, except way more awkward).

All this fun can be had for just $65.00. Or, since you’re not making part-time Hollister money anymore, perhaps you’d like front stage access for $95.00. The possibilities are endless.

Let us know how it was, will ya?