Apple May Be Looking to Compete Directly With Tesla

Google and Apple – these could soon be the names of your favourite car.

Last week we told you Google might be looking to kill Uber with a fleet of self-driving cars, while a recent unsolicited email from an Apple employee to Business Insider made claims they’re in on the action too; something that will shake up the landscape of vehicle development and, in this case, compete directly with Tesla.

BI reports about 50 of Apple’s current employees used to work at the electric car giant, validating the mysterious emailer’s claim that many workers are jumping ship for Apple’s latest project, which is “too exciting to pass up.”

Is this what those unmarked black Apple minivans were up to?

Speculation is all over the place right now, ranging from theories that Apple is producing their own robot cars to simply developing groundbreaking technology for existing vehicles.

One thing is clear: when dozens of the most talented minds in Silicon Valley jump cars from one tech giant to another, there’s certainly something under wraps.


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Cover photo courtesy Alternative Energia