Apple Introduces Hundreds of New Emojis, Finally With Diverse Skin Tones

We have a feeling you’re going to be spending more time on your phone today. 

Apple just released the newest version of its operating system, iOS 8.3, complete with – wait for it – hundreds of new emojis. The improvements come with an updated picker that organizes emojis into categories in an easily scrollable list, making it simpler to send that important emojis on the go. 

This time, though, the emojis come in a range of new skin tones, better reflecting the ethnic diversity of the world. 

The all-white emojis have been made a generic yellow, with the “white” emoji still available. Now, you’ll find an assortment of emoji of all different colours and cultures. Pressing on a face will offer a choice of five additional skin tones to choose from. 

They’ve also updated the family emoji to reflect the times, now including same-sex parents.  

Other changes include an addition of sports emoji – like swimming, surfing, and horseback riding – and dozens of new flags. 

With all these new emojis, who needs text? 


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