Apparently One-Third of American Kids Grow Up Thinking Canada is a Dictatorship

No, this is not Rick Mercer Talking to Americans.

One-third of grade 8 students in the United States actually think – freely, without being baited into stupidity – that Canada is a dictatorship.

To be fair, two-thirds of Canadians might even feel the same way.

Results from The Nation’s Report Card, a standardized multiple choice test to measure more than 29,000 students’ knowledge of U.S. history, geography, and civics, determined that 33 per cent think the governments of Canada, Australia, and France are bound by constitutions that limit their power.

Constitutional limits on government, if you remember from grade 8 history class, are an essential principle of dictator-ruled states.

Only 22 per cent answered correctly that the three countries have leaders with absolute power. Ten per cent somehow got the idea that we’re run by the military, while the rest (12 per cent) believe our government discourages participation by citizens in public affairs.