Apollo Concept Bistro

A Little Italy hot spot, Apollo Concept Bistro is one of Montreal’s most notable Bring Your Own Wine restaurants where you are encouraged to not only eat, but to invent your own meal.

Apollo Bistro was given life by the owners of Apollo Restaurants, and for their new business endeavour they hired Alain Forcioli (one of Montreal’s most notable interior designer) to create this unique and unusual space with an open kitchen and a major focus on tree trunks. What has resulted is a genius contrast between rustic and sleek and modern. More than 80 per cent of the materials used to decorate the restaurant are recycled.

Chef Giovanni Apollo’s concept is to allow his customers to fully discover his culinary creations true to each individual personal taste. Each item on the menu can be prepared up to three or four different ways. The freedom to be your own chef matched with the ability to bring your own favourite bottle of wine makes the Apollo Concept Bistro dining experience unique to anything else available in the city. The concept encourages your group to share different plates and to try things that are made up with very similar ingredients but that can taste so different (but equally as amazing).

This is a dining experience not to be missed. Apollo Concept Bistro, 6422 St. Laurent, Montreal.

Image courtesy Apollo Concept Bistro’s Facebook fanpage.