Anneke Forbes Dishes on 2015 Spring Fashion

With an unusually warm winter and NYFW taking place later this week, what better time than now to start talking about seasonal looks you’ll soon want to incorporate into your wardrobe.

And to give us the best advice on top trends, we asked local style blogger Anneke Forbes to share her picks from style runways and blogs.

Here’s what she had to say about spring 2015:

Head-to-Toe White
The all-white look was first spotted on spring runways and again at the pre-fall shows, which means this trend won’t be going anywhere soon. For anyone who admires the purist approach, ground the ethereal hue with black accessories, as seen at Givenchy and on Calgary’s favourite fashion maven, Ania B.

If you’re worried about looking bridal or clinical, mix textures like knit, chiffon and leather, or play with varying shades, including ivory, cream, and light taupe.

Big Florals
Florals have always signaled spring, but it’s been a long time since they’ve made such a bold statement.

With this year’s runway looks, wallflowers need not apply.

One crucial thing to keep in mind with bold floral patterns is that the taller you are, the larger your blooms can be. Choose a scale of print that suits your size, and if you feel overwhelmed by the botanicals, keep your hemline on the short side. 

Rib-Bearing Eveningwear
Don’t be afraid to show some skin this spring.

First made famous in the 50s with Dior’s New Look silhouette, the 2015 version has been completely modernized by showing off a universally flattering part of every woman’s body: her waistline. The versatility of a top and skirt rather than a dress is another reason this look is so appealing.

With the real world and fashion forward woman in mind, Anneke has chosen looks that can easily translate for the everyday. Follow her advice and you’re sure to be the trendsetter of the season. 


Images courtesy: Fabio Ionà, Monica Feudi, Alessandro Garofalo, Yannis Vlamos, Ania B

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