An Unforgettable Experience: 7 Days in Israel with Technion Canada

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But sometimes, our borders just aren’t enough. Which is why we don’t simply think about seeing the entire globe – we jump at the opportunity. And that’s what happened when Notable and Technion Canada announced this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

After all, who better to collaborate with than one of the driving forces behind the “Start Up Nation”?

Based in Haifa, Israel, Technion – Institute of Technology is home to approximately 13,500 students. And since Israel enjoys one of the biggest tech start-up industries in the world, we wanted to show everyone first-hand how a country with just seven million people leads the world in technology.


Of course, the fact that two-thirds of all Israeli companies traded on the NASDAQ are founded by a Technion graduate only served to enforce our collaboration with Technion Canada.

So our adventure began.

Technion Canada, through the sponsorship of the Hershel Segal and Jane Silverstone-Segal Fund, took eight Canadian young professionals to Israel for seven days so they could listen, learn, and witness as much as they could at one of the most successful technology schools in the world.

Of course, living a notable life meant we also had to mix in the best Israeli cuisine, culture, and experiences as well. Some of the highlights of this action-packed trip included:

– Exclusive access to the Technion Board of Governors in Haifa
– Rooftop chat with some of the top executives of WIX
– VIP experience on the roof of Tel Aviv’s Azrieli Tower with amazing panoramic views stretching from Ashkelon in the south to Haifa in the north.
– Taking a Jeep tour through the Judean Dessert
– Experiencing the Old City of Jerusalem
– Dining at Liliyot Restaurant that provides high school drop-outs with culinary training. The project gives hope and inspiration to these youth at risk by offering them the prospect of a career in the food services industry.

The eight participants from Toronto and Montreal got to experience all of this first-hand, and each of them walked away from it with some unforgettable memories that will surely stay with them for a lifetime. Here’s what a few of them had to say…


Jewel Perlin, Ph.D., Psychologist:

Our schedule was high-tech and highly scheduled, packed with opportunities for diverse experiences. There are so many memorable moments from the trip – the observatory atop the Azrieli Center for a panoramic view of Tel Aviv, Shabbath in Jerusalem, the Elite Chocolate Factory. At Technion University, one of the highlights for me as a psychologist working in a Canadian University was the opportunity to meet with Sara Katzir, the head of the Beatrice Weston Unit for Advancement of Students. Sara took the time to describe all the psychological and educational support offered to the students. I am highly impressed how the University responds to the needs of the students by providing tailored programs to help them thrive. I enjoyed talking to Sara and sharing resources, and I look forward to developing my partnership with Sara and the University.


Mitzi Perez, Personal Trainer:

Though I have been to Israel several times before, I had never seen it quite like this. We were fed exquisite food, rubbed shoulders with successful, inspirational people (the list included industry leaders in investments, medicine, technology, and philanthropy), and visited some pretty cool places. I can truly say I returned to Montreal with a renewed sense of purpose and motivation for the next steps in my life and career.


Jeff Lawy, Director of Business Development – NJN Technologies:

Technion Canada’s mission to Israel was a great opportunity to see beyond what we normally read about in the media. It was great to hear from Technion’s students directly, how they are working to solve some of our most pressing global challenges. In only a few days, I made contacts and gained insights that would have taken much longer using the usual channels. For example, I am now talking with a professor from the Technion about a new project.”


Litsa KouzoukasCIO at Voysis IP Solutions:

Being a first-time traveler to Israel, I was expecting to see and feel the history of Israel. I was mesmerized and I am under the spell of this beautiful and magical country. Israel isn’t only a “Start Up Nation,” it’s a growing economy that’s enlightening the world with bright young minds with Technion Institute of Technology. As Technion continues to grow and prosper, those in the world will continue to benefit.

To find out more about Technion Canada and how you can get involved, click here.