An Inside Look: Shopify’s Montreal Office (Where No One Actually Has a Desk)

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When I step inside Shopify’s Montreal office, product lead Jonathan Lavoie-Lévesque meets me in the warm wooden reception area, where real time company stats are streamed on a display.

The office is located inside the Balfour tower, an Allied property, on Saint-Laurent Boulevard. The area is known for its strong manufacturing and retail heritage. Shopify occupies 3000 sq. ft. and was designed by Jonathan himself, who has an architecture background. The office displays some great artwork by Montreal artists OMEN and En Masse. 

Shopify has its headquarters in Ottawa with offices in Toronto, Waterloo, and (of course) Montreal. The Montreal team is comprised mostly of developers and designers working on the next generation of commerce solutions.

“People often think of us as an ecommerce software company, but we also provide the solutions needed to sell at a brick and mortar location, or on the go. This can be at a farmers market, tradeshow, pop-up shop, essentially anywhere,” explains Jonathan.

As we walk around, Cynthia Savard Saucier, a UX designer at Shopify joins the discussion. She points to a team working from a set of couches and explains that, “no one here really owns a desk. Whether you want to work from a conference table or on a bean bag chair, we have created an environment where you work from where you feel most comfortable.” 

She mentions that “the office was built with this flexibility in mind. For example, there are pairing rooms where developers can collaborate on a problem together or private rooms where one can work alone. We want this to be a place to get work done while being comfortable.”

Sounds perfect.



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