An Epic Post-it-War is Happening Between Advertising Agencies

There’s a war happening on Canal Street in New York City – and it involves Post-it notes.

Adding colour and art to ad agency buildings, NYC’s creative set is transforming the windows on Canal Street to resemble those of elementary schools.

Early last week, the war began with one single note that read, “Hi.” By the weekend, a full-on war had erupted between a number of agencies, including Havas Worldwide, Horizon Media, Cake Group, Biolumina and Harrison, Getty Images, and Star.

Not surprisingly, the whole thing was documented on social media as posts tagged #canalnotes and #postitwars continue to flood in.

When 3M caught wind of it, they even jumped on board.

“We learned about the Post-it War battle last week and are thrilled that these companies are using Post-it products for this type of creative expression,” said Jeff Hillins, global business director for 3M’s Stationery and Office Supplies Division, according to AdFreak. “When we heard about the influx of agencies interested in participating, we immediately jumped in and provided Post-it Super Sticky Notes so that more people can get involved.”

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A case full of multi-coloured Post-it notes sent by the company apparently includes instructions for creating the paper-based art. Is it a waste of paper? Maybe, but it’s safe to say that the digital agencies aren’t too fussed by it.

The whole thing has inspired a bigger war that’s growing far beyond Canal Street – and NYC, for that matter. According to Adfreak, there are now Post-it creations appearing in agency windows as far away as Dublin and Tokyo. Toronto and Montreal, I am looking at you next.

If you’re looking for a little creative inspiration, check out what this company did to transform its walls with 9,000 Post-it notes last year.