An Australian University is Offering a Free Course to Eliminate Climate Change Denial

The University of Queensland wants to end climate change denial. 

So to get the more than half of Australians who aren’t aware of humanity’s role in climate change to smarten up, the school is offering a free online course to “make sense of climate science denial.”

It requires about 1-2 hours of commitment a week over a seven-week period and features interviews with some of the world’s leading scientific experts – including Sir David Attenborough, Katharine Hayhoe, Richard Alley, Michael Mann, and Naomi Oreskes.

“This free course explains why there is such a huge gap between the scientific community and the public. Our course looks at what’s driving climate science denial and the most common myths about climate change,” says John Cook of the University of Queensland Global Change Institute.

The hope is that debunking these myths will be an integral part of reversing skepticism around climate science. It will tackle the most important aspects of climate science myths, like cherry picking convenient opposing data and how to properly – as in, backed by science – respond to them. 

Thousands of students from over 130 countries have already enrolled in the program, which indicates the issue boils down to a lack of education rather than willful ignorance. 

Bottom line: it’s real – don’t deny it.


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