Amy Schumer Took Over A Stranger’s Tinder Account and It Was Hilarious

Despite claiming she’s never used Tinder, Amy Schumer really has a way with guys.

The 34-year-old comedian was able to dip her toes in the Tinder pool during a photo shoot for her May Vanity Fair cover when she was given full reign over the dating app on a magazine staff member’s phone.

After getting a crash test in Tinder etiquette — left means no, right means yes — Amy got to work right away. And based on Schumer’s raw, raunchy humour, you can only imagine where this is headed. Oh shit.

Within seconds, you learn exactly what Schumer is and isn’t into. Some guy named Niall? Nope. Guys holding guitars? Hell, no. James with the sort of red hair? Yes.

You also learn how Schumer feels about selfies at the gym, comedians, and guys who love their moms — all red flags. Don’t even get her started on shirtless pics.

And throughout all of her swiping, Schumer manages to match Vanity Fair staffer Andrea up with four potential dates. But based on Schumer’s opening lines – “How bout lightin my fiyah?” and “What’s the dilly wit yo dog?” – Andrea probably isn’t going to be going on any first dates in the near future.

So when it comes to dating, what kind of guy is Schumer interested in? “Be real and funny, that’s what I look for,” she says.

Watch the entire video below – and just remember: never let someone else go on your Tinder account, especially if it’s Amy Schumer.