Americans Flood Twitter with Trump Apologies on Canada Day

As we celebrated our nation’s birth on Sunday, our American friends spent Canada Day on Twitter apologizing to Canadians for the behaviour and general existence of Donald Trump. A very Canadian gesture indeed.

Between Trump’s buffoonery at the G7 in Quebec and his stoking of a trade war across the North American continent, dozens of Americans made it their mission to let us know that they’re sorry for their president’s lack of diplomacy.

Ah, the fascist rage punk phase – classic high school behaviour.

Turns out we’re actually a pretty difficult country to buy presents for:

Much better than that idiotic wall:

Some used the occasion as a cry for help…

While others were content to turn in a few dad jokes:

If there’s one thing you can always expect from Canada, it’s that we’ll be here as a shoulder to cry on.

Oh, and thanks for the cake!

With our neighbours to the south celebrating their day of national pride today, perhaps we can return the niceties and apologize for… Sidney Crosby?