Amber Rose Has No Shame After a One-Night Stand in Hilarious New Funny or Die Video

Most females have been there: the dreaded walk of shame.

And the worst walks of shame are those after a wild night out. They’re evidenced by your very day-inappropriate outfit (and heels), messy hair, and smudged makeup.

Any female who has had to walk down the street, share an elevator with fellow condo dwellers, or wait for a bus (the worst) or a cab to come along knows that being “that girl” definitely isn’t the best feeling in the world.

It’s obvious that you haven’t been home yet. And it’s pretty much assumed that you had sex. Once they see you, people are free to judge away, offering looks of amusement, disgust, or superiority. And that’s where the “shame” part comes into play.

Now, Amber Rose has had enough of it. In a new Funny or Die video, the 31-year-old model shows she has no shame when it comes to having a one-night stand.

Aptly titled Walk of No Shame, the video features Rose, in last night’s outfit and heels in hand, cheerfully strolling and strutting through town with a smile on her face as she proudly admits to strangers that she had a one-night stand. The supportive strangers range from a mother and child to an elderly woman and a group of construction workers.

Turning the idea of the “walk of shame” on its head, the video celebrates sex and the ability of women being able to confidently celebrate their bodies.

We’d tell you more about the video, but you should probably just watch it yourself – it will definitely give you a good ‘hump day’ laugh at your desk.