Amazon Has Discreetly Launched its Own Clothing Line

Sure, you can already buy fashion brands from Amazon, but pretty soon you’ll be able to buy fashion brands from Amazon.

The e-commerce company has apparently launched seven private label fashion brands and up to 1,800 new products that range from men’s suits (yes, a suit made by Amazon), to women’s handbags and other accessories, and kids’ clothing.

Amazon’s own trademarked brands include the moderately priced Franklin & FreemanFranklin TailoredJames & ErinLark & RoNorth ElevenScout + Ro, and Society New York.

According to Quartz, the move makes sense; the company makes a 40 per cent average profit on apparel. The not so promising news? Only 15 per cent of Amazon’s active consumer base ever buys apparel and accessories on the site.

In the past, Amazon has partnered with brands like LaCoste, Camper, and DKNYC. But this is something else completely.

The new move ensures that when beloved brands decide to no longer sell with Amazon similarly designed products will still be available. “When we see gaps, when certain brands have actually decided for their own reasons not to sell with us, our customer still wants a product like that,” Jeff Yurcisin, vice president of clothing at Amazon Fashion and CEO of Shopbop, said at a retail conference in October, according to Quartz.

Amazon has yet to officially announce the introduction of these clothing brands.