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I’m Lisa Ho, the owner and creative director of Lisa Ho Studio, an interior design studio specializing in hospitality design: restaurants, lounges, creative offices and select residences. I recently launched my own passion project, ALWAYS x ALWAYS a lifestyle brand that is inspired by the beauty found in the simplicity of nature. Every single design begins with my personal pursuit of a life lived vibrantly and full of possibility, emphasizing wellness, inviting creativity and promoting self love.


Do you know where you got your drive from?
Life is all about purpose. Our purpose changes and evolves as we grow and it’s truly about taking in all the
experiences that come along with this discovery.


How do you stay self-motivated?
I think people make the mistake of focusing only on a final outcome but I’ve learned how important it is to
appreciate and find joy in the process. Having this state of mind allows me to find greatness in our everyday lives.

What would you say is your preferred way to network?
I’ve discovered so many inspiring people through social media. After years of following and interacting with people through a social platform, the universe sometimes brings us together in unexpected ways and we find ourselves meeting over coffees and great heart to heart talk.


How would you describe your process for deepening relationships?
Openness. We have so much to learn from each other and this openness to listen, learn and support is the heart of deepening relationships.

What are your preferred tools for keeping organized?
I’ve always been a seriously list maker. However, I discovered Best Self Co.’s journal last November and it has completely changed my life. With this incredible 3 month goal oriented daily journal, everyday you set realistic goals that relate back to your original 3 month goal/plan, then breakdown your day into 30 mins intervals to help organize how to achieve your daily goal. Most importantly, you start and end the day with writing your daily gratitude and noting your small wins.

What is your favourite way to market your product or services?
Currently, we are using Instagram to create awareness and to build a community to share our brand values. Through this, we hope to drive our community to our online shop. Above all, the focus is not only drive sales but to promote the message that we can truly live a life filled with infinite possibilities.


Who has been your mentor in helping you find success?
My life coach. She recently changed my understanding of what true success is. For as long as I’ve known, I always associated success with what you achieve from a career point of view. I realized now that it is a balance between doing with passion, encouraging openness, and focusing on wellness and happiness over achievements.

What social issue does your organization raise funds and/or awareness for?
Self love. Every single person is enough and deserving of love.


How and where do you continue to learn?
Every day I constantly challenge myself to be my best self and part of that growth is learning more about myself and what truly makes me happy. Finding that joy is success and only great things can from from that.

Do you have a fitness ritual that you live by?
Absolutely. It is now part of my DNA. I find joy in mixing barre, HITT training, yoga, and spin in my weekly routine – I find it keeps me on my toes, so to speak. I’m constantly challenging the mind strength to push through the body’s reserves.


How do you feed your soul?
Honest truth? A few times a day, I blast my favourite song of the moment and just let loose. This brings so much joy.

How would you describe the eating ritual that makes you feel most powerful?
Just like life, it’s all about balance. You can find me eating at Impact Kitchen 5 times a week (truthfully, sometimes twice in a day), while mixing in cupcakes and Sukho Thai in the weekly rotation.

What type of content do you find most compelling on Instagram?
I have a love for interiors – simple yet layered with textures and colour, lush greenery that resembles jungles, Instagram accounts that spark my wanderlust and promote self love.

What lifestyle brand would you say shares your values most?
Fred and Far. When I started my personal journey to find myself outside what I did in my career, I purchased a self love pinky ring to remind myself to choose and love myself everyday. This has been an integral reminder of my personal growth.


Who is your favourite artist?
James Turrell. In the Skyspaces series, Turrell created celestial viewing rooms through an opening in a roof to reiterate that the sky is within reach. And it truly is.

What is your favourite meal?
Do salted caramel cupcakes (I’m partial to Bobbette and Belle!) count?

Where is your favourite place to unwind?
At home, where I’m amongst my mini jungle. I am a proud plant lady.