Almost Two Thirds of the World Have Never Used the Internet

The way the world is going, Internet access should be a universal human right.

So it’s particularly concerning that a study published today by Facebook’s initiative has revealed that only 38 per cent of people in the world have ever used the Internet. 

That means only three billion people have connected to the web in their lifetime – 78 per cent of the population in the developed world versus 32 per cent in emerging economies. 

That makes complete sense, and mirrors patterns about other basic human rights, like access to clean drinking water. 

More cause to be discouraged? The rate of growth in Internet adoption slowed last year for the fourth year in a row, to just 6.6 per cent. Math suggests it won’t be until 2019 that four billion people in the world will be online.

Do not take for granted the fact that you’re reading this…


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