All the $100 Hot Dogs Just Sold Out at the Calgary Stampede. Wait, What!?

Dougie Luv’s Dragon Dogs are the epitome of Stampede gluttony.

The renowned hot dog connoisseur, who operates Vancouver’s DougieDog Diner Truck, is most famous for creating foot-long bratwursts infused with Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac and topped with Kobe beef, lobster, and truffles.

Each marvellous wiener runs for $100 – and all 100 in production have been reserved until the end of the Calgary Stampede. The hot dogs were first conceived on Dragons’ Den and have been crowned the most expensive in the world.

“When we came here we thought, ‘OK, $100 hotdog, the economy’s kind of tough here, let’s bring 100.’ So that works out to 10 a day,” Luv tells the Calgary Herald. “Within the first day, people called us and they reserved every Dragon Dog that we had.”

So it turns out the economy in Calgary isn’t tough at all.

Considering each dog costs $90 to create, Luv only walks away with a $10 profit on each sale. “It’s not a money maker; it’s true hotdog love.”

A $200 hot dog is currently being pondered.